The branch is continuing to progress and recently some of the newly diagnosed are coming on board to help with fundraising and organising the branch.

As always the events for 2018 are now current and if you have any suggestions please use the links provided to email me. The newsletter continues to be posted here often prior to the hardcopy reaching members by the Postal Service.

The basic design is based around the national site.

  1. Chris Ball 
  2. Jane Kraska
  3. Chris Ball 
  4. Branch social 

Cotswolds 24 hour race

Taking place over 4th & 5th August 2018 in Bathurst Estate which is just outside Cirencester. This 9km mixed course including forest trails and tarmac paths. Support Chris by email using this link or use the Donate button above.


Jane Kraska High Legh 10Km

On 4 March 2018 Stephanie Atherton's daughter Jane Kraska is taking part to raise funds for our branch. This is the first time that Jane has attempted to undertake an event like this


Well done Chris

Pictured at the beginning of a 24-hour marathon around Orford Park on 13th/14 August 2017 Chris raised £1350 for our branch

Afternoon socials

Starting again in March at Warrington Disability Partnership Beaufort Street at 2PM on 14th