The Warrington Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in its 47th year of existence. It was formed by the headmistress of a local school Miss Marjorie Griffiths, who in later years became a Magistrate in the local court and an M.B.E. She was the chair of the branch until she passed away in 1995. She gave the branch a firm base on which it has continued since her death. The branch has 203 members of which 166 have multiple sclerosis.

We have all the usual branch facilities and provide help and support for our members. We hold drop in and chat sessions on the second and forth Wednesday of the month at Warrington Disability Partnership Beaufort Street Warrington 2PM - 4PM

There is a bi-monthly newsletter(which will appear on this site) that tries to keep our members informed and entertained. We have a hard working executive committee, individual photographs will appear on this site from time to time [I am open to being bribed :-)] Everyone hides when the camera comes out. Seriously though they can solve problems and know were to go for outside help if needed.

New members are always welcome, with or without MS. Come to one of our drop-in chat sessions, or e-mail me. If your down now try The MS Society National Helpline on 0808 800 8000.